A Comprehensive Review of Netent and Microgaming

As online gambling continues to increase in popularity, it all comes down to tech geniuses like http://www.top-netentcasinos.com to decide where the industry will be in future. There are many players in the online gambling industry, but there are no bigger companies than Netent and Microgaming.

Microgaming Strength and Projection

Microgaming has been approaching the online gambling industry from often very different philosophies and viewpoints: each approach having its own weaknesses and strength. Microgaming has been dominating the casino industry for decades now. Popular online casinos like https://www.islandnetjobs.com are powered by the company.

  • Will Microgaming reign supreme in this decade?
  • Microgaming uses the latest technology to produce games.

It, perhaps, simplifies things to note that Microgaming represents the past and old guard, while Netent represents the fresh blood and future in general. The two go head to head in providing online gambling services. Each one of them has strengths and weaknesses.

Microgaming and Netent Comparison

In comparison, it's certainly clear that Microgaming has undoubtedly been King of online gaming in terms of durability, size and years of experience. Microgaming is by far the oldest and most experienced gaming platform in the market. It gives players a sense of familiarity and guarantee of quality.

Many gamblers still have faith in Microgaming as a the best software platform. They love its games, from slot games to Roulette. The company has surely stood the test of time and surely, they are one of a kind. With the addition of technology, it only gets better.


NetEnt Strengths and Projection

On the other hand, Netent is a new kid on the block going head to head with the old folk. As much as it may not have been tried and tested like Microgaming, it offers lots of exciting developments that are impossible to ignore.

  • It has fast and strong servers
  • It's games are extremely entertaining.

Except for the norm that it is "new", Netent has actually been in existence almost as long as Microgaming. It only started making its impact recently. The main reason behind this is with less to lose, the company has taken massive leaps in the online casino platform.

NetEnt and Microgaming Presentation

As much as Microgaming might have several advantages over Netent, there are fields where the latter wins hands down. If you are looking for an amazing gaming experience built on best graphics, Netent is where you should undoubtedly go. It has the best graphics.

And this doesn't mean that Microgaming is a slouch model, its graphics are also fine. Their game, Dark Knight, has one of the most loved melding of graphics and game flow. Netent, however, have simply upped the game when it comes to amazing 3D graphics and sound tracks.

Netent vs Microgaming Gameplay Comparison

This area is a little more complicated. Both Netent and Microgaming produce almost similar games because they concentrate both on slot machines and the live dealer games like poker and blackjack. Additionally, they both specialize in progressive jackpots and have made many people rich.

  • They both have lucrative jackpots
  • Their games have a similar gameplay

When it comes to the gameplay, it is a question of personal taste. To go along with their high class presentation, Netent creates games that are friendly for new players as they strive to innovate new games with new gameplay techniques, graphics and approach.