What is Return to Player at NetEnt?

Do you ever wonder how online casinos gain an house edge even when a player hits a jackpot at netentcasinos ? Online casinos gain an house advantage with each round of spins from the players. RTP refers to the percentage of the winnings payable to player.

What’s the Difference Between RTP and Variance?

Most people confuse between the RTP rates and the hit frequencies at an online casino. This is despite the large difference between the two terms. RTP mostly revolve around the payable percentages by the casino to the player after all their winnings available at https://www.acbonline.org.

  • Low variances offer small wins
  • Balance variance based on budget

With the hit frequency, it refers to the number of times which the slot machine will stop at a winning combination. It deals with the intervals from one win and the next at the casino. However, it is important to note that the numbers are purely random.

Random and Fair Payouts

With the high payout percentages, it is easy to doubt the results from the slot machines. However, the slot machines generate random numbers to ensure that the winnings and losses are completely random. This is achieved through the random number generator at the casino.

Contrary to popular belief, the online slots do not pay out after a regular interval at the casino. With the RNG, it ensures fairness in the play for each player. Your chances of winning at the slot machine remain the same each time you play the game.

How Licensing Affects RTP

When playing at a licensed online site, there is an assurance that the winnings are random and genuine. NetEnt is registered by the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. This ensures that the RTP started by the casino matches when playing with the player.

  • RTP values reflect winning percentage
  • Check the licensing information about the site

Apart from licensing, NetEnt uses the latest technology approved by the regulatory bodies in the development of the casino games. There are regular checkups by the regulatory bodies with the game development to ensure the casino sticks to the highlighted RTPs by the player.


The Truth About RTPs in Casinos

It is important to note that the number is based on actual numbers and actual winnings. It does not present a theoretical number. It is not a product of computation on a spreadsheet or a complex game simulation carried out by the software developer.

RTP bases on the fact of real people placing their wagers on games at the live casino. The casinos display information of the RTPs based on the greater number of times the game has been played concerning the actual return for the games.

  • RNG are related with the RTPs
  • Check through information about RTP from the site

Relation Between RTP and Long Term Losing Streaks

After learning how RTP works, it can be confusing to land a long term losing streak even when selecting the slot game of your choice. The RTP are set on a course of time. The RTP rate bases over millions of individual spins.

The work of the long term RTP percentages is for ensuring that the slot machine remains with random numbers at all times. The wins remain distributed sporadically as long as the percentage rate for the millions of spins is reached at the online casino.